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Church Chair Card and Pen/Pencil and Communion Cup Holder – AP-701-CPC01 – 10 Pack

AP-701-CP01 72079
Poly Card and Pen/Pencil Holder

Our Church Chair Card and Pen/Pencil Holders with Communion Cup Holders are a great solution to add card and pencil easy access to your existing church chairs for church attendees, and also to provide a convenient place for used communion cups to be placed, and our 10 Pack boxes save you even more.  Welcome cards, offering envelopes, and other smaller printed items will fit in the approximately 4.5″ wide by 3.5″ deep provided space.

The AP-701-CPC01 is very easy to install!  Small screws are provided with the holders and the attachment holes are countersunk to hide the heads of the screws when installed.  These holders are also very slim which means that in almost every case, your worship chairs will stack fine with these holders installed.  Whether filling out any printed inserts, or having a pen or pencil readily available to use for sermon notes, these holders are the solution for church worship seating.  We can provide you a sample if needed as well!

AP-701-CPC01 - Plastic Pencil & Communion Cup Holder
Plastic Card Pocket Pencil Holder w/ Communion Cup Holder

Saving Churches money on furnishings is our personal ministry. We’re here to serve your Church and we hope you will privilege us with that opportunity.

– George Kreger, Founder of Church Furniture Partner
Long-time Lead Pastor of New Hope Community Church

As Low As $47.50 per Box of 10 Holders with Chair Purchase!

Pastor owned and operated, Church Furniture Partner understands the needs of Churches and has a passion for providing quality chairs and unbeatable service at the best price anywhere. Our price on the AP-701-CPC01 Church Chair Card and Pen or Pencil Holder with Communion Cup Holder 10 Pack is the lowest anywhere. Give us a call at 419-469-6411 or fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you to assist with your church chair needs. Don’t worry, we do not use any high-pressured sales tactics.

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