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Would You Like the A2448 Table for Under $90?

Say No More!  Church Furniture Partner is featuring the A2448 Activity Table from Correll for just $89.99 each!  At CFP we simply enjoy saving you money on furnishings.  With standard laminate and our black T-Mold, this table does just that!

24x48 Rectangle Activity Table from Correll

Rectangular Activity Table w/ Color Accent

Saving Churches money on furnishings is our personal ministry. We’re here to serve your Church and we hope you will privilege us with that opportunity.

– George Kreger, Founder of Church Furniture Partner
Pastor of New Hope Community Church

Correll Logo24″ x 48″ RECTANGLE TABLES FOR JUST $89.99
(Color Accent.  Churches Only.  Limited Time Pricing.)

Pastor owned and operated, Church Furniture Partner understands the needs of Churches and has a passion for providing top quality tables and unbeatable service at the best price anywhere.  Our sale price on the Correll A2448-REC is the best anywhere and we offer this low sale price with no minimum quantity needed. Give us a call at 419-469-6411 or fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you to assist with the table needs of your Church. Don’t worry, we do not use any high-pressured sales tactics.

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