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8110 NPS Stack Chair in Black on Sale!

NPS 8810 School Chairs
NPS 8810 Stacking School Chair

Our 8110 School Stack Chair is one of our most popular chairs for schools across the nation.  Part of the 8100 Series Poly Shell Stack Chairs from NPS, we find this chair is a leading value within its genre.  It exhibits chrome plated seventeen gauge square tubing and also has a one piece anti-static shell that is rated at over 300 lbs!  The 8110 can be stacked twelve high and each chair features six stacking bumpers to keep the finishes safe.

The 8110 is part of the 8100 Series of Stack Chairs.  Besides the 8110 in Black, we also have available the 8115 in Slate Blue, the 8118 in Burgundy, and the 8125 in Blue.  All of the above will easily accept our optional tablet arms which are produced in both a RH product TA81R and a LH product TA81L.

NPS 8810 School Chairs
NPS 8810 Stacking School Chair

We’ve been saving churches money for years and are excited to now be blessed with the opportunity to save schools money on furnishings as well.  We’re ready to help your school save.

– George Kreger, Founder of Church Furniture Partner

(National Public Seating 8110 Stack Chairs at the Lowest Price)

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