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Cheap Inexpensive Church Chairs: Church Chair Prices Explained

Cheap Church Chairs

When comparing church chairs online they all look generally the same but the prices can be drastically different.  The reality is that even though one church chair might look like another does not mean it is built like another…  The bottom line is – you get what you pay for with church chairs!

How can you tell if a cheap (inexpensive) chair will be satisfactory for your church?  GET A SAMPLE!

Any quality church chair manufacturer will provide you with a sample chair usually for around $50 – $100.  This may sound like an unwise investment especially if you plan on comparing 3 – 4 chairs, but the money you spend now will save you in the long run.  Getting suck with a poor quality chair may mean that you’re going to be back online buying church chairs in just a few short years.  A good quality chair should easily last 15 years or more in any worship environment.

To be a good quality chair the fabric, foam, and frame all need to be manufactured with high quality standards.  Bells and whistles, such as a free card pocket or free book-rack are not substitutes for quality manufacturing.  You wouldn’t consider a Yugo or Pinto a worthy contender to a Lexus simply because the Yugo/Pinto had a nice sound system.  The same is true with church chairs and, as with the cars, the best way to be sure is to look carefully at the manufacturer and take a test drive.  Or, in this case, a test sit.

GET A SAMPLE!  This way you can compare apples-to-apples when it comes to your worship seating and not get sucked into a “deal” on a chair that appears to be a similar quality (by appearances online) but is in fact not something that is going to be a wise investment for your church.  If you do not have the time or money for a sample chair, visit some other churches in your area and check out their chairs!  Again, remember, a discount church chair might just be CHEAP.

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