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Church Chairs & The Fire Marshall

Chair Fire Rating

Safety is very important.  So, when it comes to church chairs, it is important to know the flammability (fire rating) of the foam and the fabric.

When purchasing church chairs it is important to make sure the chair meets the CA Bulletin 117 rating (CA 117 / CAL 117) standards; this fire rating relates to the inside [foam] of the chairs.  Most chairs on the market today will meet or exceed these standards but it is important to be sure – so ask!

In some jurisdictions when ordering new chairs there may be a requirement to meet CA Bulletin 133 (CA 133 / CAL 133) fire rating standards.  This fire code requires that the internal foam of the chairs be wrapped in a fire resistant layer – resulting in a much higher cost-per-chair.

Sometimes overlooked but always very important, be sure to check the local fire codes before ordering new chairs and then be certain the new chairs you are ordering meet the required standards.

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