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Our New Jubilee II Church Chair with Intro Pricing as Low as $58.90 per chair!

Jubilee 2 - Ash Hero Church Chair

The NEW Jubilee 2 Church Chair from ComforTek Seating is now available.  This new chair model is being introduced to the church market to assist churches who need a quality worship chair at the best possible price.  The Jubilee II is produced in North America, not China, which distinguishes it from other chairs at this […]

Church Chair Fabric Card Pockets WITH PEN SLOTS

Fabric Card Pocket w/ Pencil Holder

Church Chair Fabric Card Pockets have long been a popular and low-cost way to provide easy access for church attendees to welcome cards, offering envelopes, and other smaller printed items that will fit in an approximately 4″ wide and 5″ deep, non-elasticized space. However, what these fabric card pockets have sorely lacked is equally easy […]

Now on Sale: Jubilee Church Chairs in Tan

Comfortek Jubilee Chair

Our Jubilee Church Chair now carries price of just per chair for amounts that are at 100 chairs or more.  Our Jubilee Church Chair is the answer for those churches needing a basic church chair that possesses quality but not non-essential features that can drive up the price. For the last many years churches needing […]

Sale: Espresso Jubilee Church Chairs

Comfortek Jubilee Chair

The Jubilee Church Chair, for a limited time, is priced at for quantities of one hundred chairs or greater.  The Jubilee Church Chair has been produced for churches desiring a no-frills and yet quality church chair at a below per chair price point. For several years churches, when purchasing a church chair at this price […]

Our Charcoal Jubilee Church Chair is Now Just $59.90 Each

Our Jubilee Church Chair is now available for for quantities of 100 chairs or more.  The Jubilee is designed for those churches needing a quality basic church chair without frills at the best price.  Over recent years numerous poor quality church chairs have been imported and flooded the market with low pricing.  However, many of […]

Jubilee Church Chair for $59.90 in Dark Blue Fabric – 100 Minimum

Comfortek Jubilee Worship Chair

The Jubilee Church Chair from ComforTek Seating has been introduced to the church market for those churches needing a quality worship chair at the lowest price.  The reality is that over the past few years, there have been many cheap church chairs imported and advertised as costing less than thirty dollars each.  Such an enticing […]

ComforTek Jubilee Church Chair in Maroon Fabric

Maroon Church Chair from Comfortek

The Comfortek Jubilee Church Chair is a new worship chair designed for the price conscious church.  In recent years the church market has been inundated with cheap church chairs costing less than each.  While the price has been attractive, the church chairs themselves have been sorely lacking in quality with some even needing to be […]

AW-07 Regal Red Fabric Church Chairs Price Drop!

SS-7701 Red Church Chair

Now in stock, our AW-07 Regal Red Fabric Chair has a classic church chair appearance.  This durable and comfortable worship seat also features an almost impervious silvervein frame finish.  We have added AW-07 to the fabrics we produce this church chair in huge quantities of so that we can drop our pricing even more.  The […]

Sale: AW-21 Black Fabric Discount Church Chairs!

Jubilee Church Chair

This AW-21 Black Fabric Church Chair is a much considered choice for churches.  This quality and sturdy chair comes with a matching variegated frame finish that is silver and black.  We manufacture this chair in such large quantities that we can provide it below normal cost.  The end result is that temporarily we are offering […]

Maroon Burgundy Church Chairs in AW-16 Fabric Special Offer!

Our Maroon Burgundy AW-16 Church Chair is a time tested staple for churches across the country.  This chair comes standard with a frame finish that is a variegated black and silver.  This is a chair we produce in significant levels so that we can drop the cost of this chair all the more for churches.  The […]

On Sale: Dark Blue Church Chairs in AW-05 Fabric!

Comfortek Church Chair - Espresso

We’re offering a church chair special savings right now on our Dark Blue AW-05 Worship Chair.  The frame finish on this chair is a combination of black and silver.  We are now producing this chair in such high volume numbers that our prices can be even lower for our church customers.  Here is a high quality […]

AW-19 Charcoal Gray Fabric Church Chair Special Stock Sale!

Comfortek Church Chair - Espresso

Our Charcoal Gray AW-19 Church Chair has recently become one of our most in demand fabrics for the church community across the nation.  This chair also features a variegated silver and black frame finish.  We are producing this chair in large quantities in order to lower the price even more for churches.  For churches for […]