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Used Church Chairs Available – Like New – SOLD OUT!

300 Major Brand Chairs – Top Quality for $25/each

One of our worship seating manufacturers has provided us with a great opportunity for the first church ready to benefit from this outstanding offer!  Read on for the details on of this one-time offer.

Seven months ago a church purchased 300 church chairs for their new worship center.  These chairs were delivered to the church for about $50 each.  After a few weeks, the church began to notice that some of the book pouches on the backs of the chairs (an option the church had desired) seemed to have faulty elastic.  They were stretching out and losing their elasticity.  The church immediately notified the manufacturer of this issue and the manufacturer decided to replace all 300 chairs for the church.  While the number of chairs affected was not huge, the reality is this is a typical customer-oriented response from this manufacturer.  They do a great job making sure churches are satisfied with their products!

Since there are now 300 semi-used chairs in this scenario, the manufacturer has asked us if there is a church we can provide with a great deal.  These chairs are only a few months old.  In a few weeks, 300 brand new chairs will be delivered to this church.  At that time, these 300 chairs will be available for pick-up (or they can be shipped to your church) for $25 each!  We should also note that the book pouches can actually be removed from the chair and there will then be no indication there were ever any problems with these chairs.  Since most churches do not order book pouches (preferring racks below the chairs instead) the reality is this is a chance for a church to acquire 300 basically new QUALITY chairs for half-price!

These church chairs are offered on a “first-come, first served” basis.  You can contact us here for more information.  We’re excited for the church that will save significant dollars on these chairs!


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